Trade Talks 


I co-host a weekly podcast called Trade Talks with Chad Bown of the Peterson Institute for International Economics. We ask (and answer) questions like… Why are washing machines being hit with US tariffs? What’s behind the US-China trade conflict? Why are soyabean farmers so upset right now?

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One of the top economics podcasts of 2018 according to Tim Harford.

Visit our website here, or see a full episode list here.

One to One (BBC Radio 4 series) 

Listen to a three part radio series where I interview Claudia GoldinSteve Machin and Beatrice Cherrier and ask whether economics has a problem with women (short answer = yes).

Money Talks

I also occasionally appear on The Economist’s Money Talks podcast. Listen here to an episode about the #metoo moment in economics. (This episode was one of the entries that won Money Talks the Best Business Podcast award in the British Podcast Awards. Or listen to interviews with Catherine MannDiane CoyleErin HengelChad BownNick BloomAmy Finkelstein and Richard Baldwin.


I am a regular guest as part of The Weekly Wrap on Marketplace with Kai Ryssdal. I have also appeared on The Indicator podcast eg here.

Other appearances 

You can listen to me on The Briefing Room to discuss trade deals (Jan 2020) or infrastructure (Oct 2016). Or  you can hear me on The Vote Now Show discussing the parties’ manifestos before the British general election in 2017, and on Any Questions in October 2017.

Here I am on the TrumpWatch podcast talking about trade, on the Lawfare podcast (episode 319) discussing trade as a national security threat, on the Economic Rockstar podcast talking about trade and stuff, and on The Brainstorm podcast talking about trade and women in economics. Here is me on the Macro Musings podcast with David Beckworth.