I wish I didn’t have to engage with social media, but sadly I do. You can peruse my credentials on LinkedIn, browse my thoughts on twitter (@SoumayaKeynes), or even check www.economist.com to see that I’m not fabricating my employer.

You can email me at soumayakeynes [at] economist [dot] com if you’d like to tell me about something I should be writing or podcasting about, or if you’d like to ask me to speak at your event. Whether I’ll be able to do it will rely on a complicated algorithm of time/availability/convenience/expense/payment, whether I’m sufficiently expert on the the topic you want me to speak about, and whether acceptance would leave me conflicted.

As well as being an economist and a writer, I am a very high soprano. I currently sing with the 18th Street Singers. My past choirs include the Exon singers (I’ll be on their CD released later in 2018), the Lacock Scholars (I sang on their debut CD and will be on the next one too), Khoros choir, The Cantus Ensemble and London Contemporary Voices (here we are singing with Amber Run, here we are with Imogen Heap and here we are singing some East 17 cheese). I’m the backing singer on Anthony Jackson’s EP (link here).