November 2022

Jeremy Hunt’s Autumn Statement revives the rhetoric of austerity [Britain]

The OBR has huge power [Britain]

October 2022

The Bank of England has seen off several threats. There are more challenges to come [Britain]

As Britain’s government looks to save money, almost nothing is protected [Britain]

Britain’s fiscal watchdog is caught up in a political storm [Britain]

Britain’s mortgage market is adjusting to higher interest rates [Britain]

September 2022

The fallout from Kwasi Kwarteng’s mini-budget continues [Britain, with Matt Holehouse]

Tom Scholar’s sacking rattles the Treasury [Britain, with Matt Holehouse]

Britain’s government signs a giant blank cheque to help with energy bills [Britain]

Britain’s cost of living crisis is not just about energy. It’s about food too [Britain]

Britain’s school budgets are being squeezed [Britain]

August 2022

Why helping people with soaring energy bills will be so tricky [Britain]

Reducing the power of the Treasury is a good idea [Britain]

Parsing the policies of Rishi Sunak and Liz Truss [Britain]

Britain’s economy is taking a drubbing [Britain]

July 2022

The Bank of England must weather high inflation and meddling politicians [Britain]

Britain’s labour market is straining to recover from the pandemic [Britain]

Many British conservatives now prefer tax cuts to balanced budgets [Britain]

June 2022

British childcare is expensive [Britain]

Why Britain’s government is extending controversial steel tariffs [Explainer]

Britain’s government is restraining public sector pay to curb inflation [Britain]

Britain’s productivity problem is long-standing and getting worse [Britain]

May 2022

Rishi Sunak’s new plan to help with the cost of living squeeze [Britain]

Do the poor face higher inflation? [Explainer]

Businesses in Britain are not as gloomy as consumers. Yet [Britain]

April 2022

Brexit has clobbered smaller businesses [Britain]

A guide to Britain’s cost of living crunch [Britain]

British academics are seeing their retirement benefits cut [Britain]

How Brexit is affecting the all-island economy (with Sam McBride) [Britain]

March 2022

Analysis of Britain’s Spring Statement [Britain]

How does inflation affect Britain’s public finances? [Britain]

February 2022

Britain’s post-Brexit trade policy is maturing [Britain]

Running the national lottery has become more complicated over time [Britain]

Britain’s cost of living squeeze in four charts [Britain]

January 2022

Do tips make for better service? [International]

The Bank of England is determined to avoid a wage-price spiral [Britain]

Britain’s Office for National Statistics did well during the pandemic [Britain]

A new investment screening bill tries to protect national security [Britain]

Brexit one year on (With Joshua Roberts & Joel Budd) [Britain]

November 2021

Freeports [Britain]

Britain’s economic dynamism [Britain]

Shortages on supermarket shelves [Britain]

Higher interest rates mean more expensive mortgages [Britain]

October 2021

Britain’s minimum wage [Britain]

Rishi Sunak’s Budget marks a shift towards big-state conservatism [Britain]

Why the Bank of England is looking unusually hawkish [Britain]

In Britain, young women got more work during the pandemic [Britain]

The holes in Britain’s welfare state [Britain]

A special report on trade in six parts [Special Report]

July 2021

[to be updated]

The EU’s carbon border adjustment mechanism [Economics & Finance, Free Exchange column]

June 2021

[to be updated]

May 2021

[to be updated]

April 2021

[to be updated]

Obituary of Robert Mundell [Economics & Finance]

How has the IMF fared during the pandemic? [Economics & Finance]

March 2021

Efforts to modernise economics teaching are gathering steam [Economics & Finance]

The many guises of vaccine nationalism [Economics & Finance]

February 2021

The pandemic has pushed working mothers out of the labour force [Economics & Finance]

The WTO has a new chief. Is it time for new trade rules too? [Economics & Finance]

January 2021

What effect will Joe Biden’s Buy America executive order have? [Economics & Finance]

Supply chain bottlenecks are pushing up costs for manufacturers [Economics & Finance]

What the Big Mac index tells you about currency wars [Economics & Finance]

December 2020

Sadie Tanner Mossell Alexander [Christmas Special]

Is a wave of reshoring around the corner? [Free Exchange, Economics & Finance]

November 2020

A new Asian trade deal (RCEP) [Economics & Finance]

Australia-China trade tensions [Asia]

October 2020

As assessment of President Donald Trump’s trade record [United States]

Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala is the favourite to lead the World Trade Organisation [Economics & Finance]

The G20 has agreed to suspend debt service payments for six months. Why it will be necessary and difficult to go further [Economics & Finance]

The ambitions and frustrations of Britain’s post-EU trade policy [Britain]

Trade is being used to toughen up on low labour standards [Economics & Finance]

September 2020

Shady business with respect to the World Bank’s Doing Business rankings [Economics & Finance]

What a Biden presidency would mean for trade [Economics & Finance]

Why trade outperformed expectations in 2020 [Economics & Finance]

August 2020

As Azevedo leaves the World Trade Organisation, has the organisation’s core principle gone too? [Online]

Global trade and the dollar [Briefing]

Phil Hogan resigns [Economics & Finance]

What it takes to become an economist is changing [Economics & Finance]

July 2020

Emmanuel Farhi obituary [Economics & Finance]

Digital services taxes [Economics & Finance]

Picking a winner to lead the WTO [Economics & Finance]

June 2020

Economists grapple with their race problem [Economics & Finance]

May 2020

A memo to the WTO’s next boss [Economics & Finance]

The future of globalisation [Cover briefing]

Melissa Dell wins the John Bates Clark medal [Economics & Finance]

April 2020

The IMF should issue Special Drawing Rights [Economics & Finance]

March 2020

The coming collapse of global trade [Economics & Finance]

Export restrictions on medical supplies [Economics & Finance, online]

February 2020

Profile of Phil Hogan and EU trade policy [Economics & Finance]

Mismeasured capital flows [Economics & Finance]

Structural reform at the IMF [Economics & Finance]

Wine tariffs [Economics & Finance]

January 2020

The special relationship [Briefing, with Daniel Franklin & Shashank Joshi]

The costs of America’s lurch towards managed trade [Free Exchange column, Economics & Finance]

How to think about Trump’s blustering at Davos [Economics & Finance]

A new phase one deal between the US and China [Economics & Finance]

Economists are (still) discussing their lack of diversity [Economics & Finance]

December 2019

The US and China strike a Phase One deal. Details are scanty [Economics & Finance]

When it comes to the USMCA,  the interests of Trump and Democrats have aligned [Economics & Finance]

The Trump administration’s trade policies clash with each other [Economics & Finance]

November 2019 

The end of the WTO’s appellate body [Economics & Finance]

The Trump administration is trying to reforge carmakers’ supply chains [Economics & Finance]

October 2019 

WTO fight between America and China [Economics & Finance]

A truce in the trade war [Economics & Finance – online]

Airbus trade dispute [Economics & Finance]

September 2019

Paul Blustein Schism book review [Economics & Finance]

August 2019 

Treasury calls China a currency manipulator [Economics & Finance – online]

Trump announces tariffs on Chinese imports from September 1st [Economics & Finance – online]

The Powell pirouette: the Fed cuts interest rates [Economics & Finance]

July 2019

Policies to tackle currency manipulation [Economics & Finance]

The Fed is listening to different stories [United States]

A new trade deal between the EU and Mercosur [Economics & Finance]

Trump makes two nominations to the Federal Reserve [Economics & Finance]

June 2019

US-India trade relations (with Tom Easton) [Asia]

The Federal Reserve reviews its framework [Economics & Finance]

Trump trashes trade deals in favour of tariffs [Economics & Finance]

May 2019 

Trump threatens Mexico with tariffs [Economics & Finance]

How America should fight the next downturn [United States]

Trump administration lifts steel tariffs on Canada and Mexico [Economics & Finance]

Economists are rethinking debt [Economics & Finance]

April 2019 

March 2019 

Economics’ #metoo moment [Economics & Finance, see also podcast]

Benefits of hot US economy are unevenly spread [United States]

Why did the China shock hurt so much? [Economics & Finance]

February 2019 

Review of the Fed’s monetary policy framework [Economics & Finance]

Trade and soyabeans [Economics & Finance]

E-commerce negotiations [Economics & Finance]

Tax Cuts and Jobs Act [Economics & Finance]

January 2019 

America’s government shutdown [United States]

Economists trying to fix their gender problem [Economics & Finance]

Stock market troubles and the US economy [Economics & Finance]

The rise of preferential trade agreements [Economics & Finance]

November 2018

Wobbles in the US housing market [United States]

Opportunity Zones [United States]

EU-US trade relations are extremely fragile [Economics & Finance]

Strong data obscure an upcoming slowdown [Economics & Finance]

October 2018 

Manufacturing employment is defying expectations [United States]

NAFTA (with Richard Ensor and Madelaine Drohan [Americas]

September 2018 

Limits in the US labour market [Economics & Finance]

The US and China are in a proper trade war [Economics & Finance]

Who pays tariffs? [United States]

August 2018 

Jackson Hole [Free Exchange column]

NAFTA (post US-Mexico bilateral) [Economics & Finance]

NAFTA (imminent deal?) [Economics & Finance]

Winners from Trump’s tariffs [Economics & Finance]

July 2018 

What to think about America’s amazing 4.1% GDP growth [United States]

Why tariffs are bad taxes [Explainer]

EU-US trade deal(?) & agriculture subsidies announced [United States]

Pres. Trump criticises the Federal Reserve [United States]

A plan to save the WTO [Briefing]

June 2018 

US-China trade war [Economics and Finance]

Trade strategy [Economics and Finance]

May 2018

NAFTA and labour/rules of origin [Economics and Finance]

Falling response rates to household surveys [International]

April 2018

NAFTA preview [Economics and Finance]

Trump’s problems with China [Economics and Finance]

Trump’s (China) trade war, tariff edition [Economics and Finance]

March 2018

Trump’s (China) trade war [Economics and Finance]

Trump’s (steel and aluminium) trade war [Cover briefing]

Trump’s (steel and aluminium) tariffs [Economics and Finance]

February 2018 

NAFTA and cars [Economics and Finance]

Trade deals for the UK to prioritise [Britain]

Men and women in economics [Economics and Finance]

Trump considers tariffs on steel and aluminium [Economics and Finance]

January 2018 

Argentina’s economy (w/ Sarah Maslin) [Americas]

Tariffs on washing machines and solar panels [Leader]

The difficulty with fixing the steel industry [Economics and Finance]

December 2017

Women in economics [Christmas special]

11th WTO ministerial meeting [Economics and Finance]

WTO preview [Economics and Finance]

China and America fight in the WTO [Economics and Finance]

Cheeseonomics [Economics and Finance]

November 2017

The economics of Buy Local [Free Exchange]

Clashing over Commerce [Books and Arts]

A revived trade deal: CPTPP [Economics and Finance]

Economics for the Common Good [Books and Arts]

Happy GATTiversary [Economics and Finance]

October 2017 

NAFTA negotiation round [Economics and Finance]

September 2017 

Three trade battles for Trump [Economics and Finance]

America holds the WTO hostage [Economics and Finance]

August 2017

How do I chat up an economist? [1843 answers]

Trump’s NAFTA negotiation strategy [Economics and Finance]

The cost of the free economy [Free Exchange column]

Pigouvian taxes and externalities [Economics brief]

NAFTA negotiations start [Economics and Finance]

Trump administration launches 301 investigation into China [Economics and Finance]

July 2017

The Trump administration’s NAFTA renegotiation objectives [Americas]

A new Japan-EU trade deal [Economics and Finance]

How fracking leads to babies [Economics explains]

Report of the 2017 Royal Economic Society Annual conference (long read,

June 2017 

How Trade-adjustment Assistance works [Economics and Finance]

The evidence on the best age gap in a relationship [1843 answers]

Will Trump really help aluminium workers? [Economics and Finance]

May 2017

What Donald Trump means by fair trade [Briefing]

America’s new trade negotiator is confirmed [Economics and Finance]

Rhino horn [Economics and Finance]

April 2017

Trump’s (protectionist) trade agenda gets going [Economics and Finance]

Employment in southern europe (with Emma Hogan) [Europe]

Why couples do more housework than singletons [Explainer]

Back to the 80s: Trump’s trade policy [Economics and Finance]

March 2017

Trump review of trade deals [Economics and Finance]

South Korea – America trade deal [Economics and Finance]

Economists argue about the effect of Chinese imports on American jobs [Economics and Finance]

British budget: changes to how the self-employed are taxed [Britain]

Review of The Complacent Class by Tyler Cowen [Books and Arts]

Donald Trump’s trade strategy [Economics and Finance]

February 2017

A proposed tweak to trade statistics [Economics and Finance]

Renegotiating NAFTA [Economics and Finance]

January 2017 

Trade Facilitation Agreement [Economics and Finance]

Visas as aid [Economics and Finance]

America, China and the risk of a trade war [Economics and Finance]

Winners and losers in a China-America trade war [Economics and Finance]

Fake news [Free Exchange blog, with Idrees Kahloon]

Pet healthcare [Daily chart]

Anthony Atkinson obituary [Economics and Finance]

December 2016

Cambridge economists [Christmas special]

Thomas Schelling obituary [Free Exchange column]

China’s market economy status [Economics and Finance]

Does Britain have a new government? [Prospect]

Trump and trade [Briefing]

November 2016 

Methods in economics [Free Exchange column]

Letting agency fees [Britain]

The Great Convergence by Richard Baldwin [Books and Arts]

TOMs shoes [Economics and Finance]

October 2016 

CETA and the Walloons [Europe]

Food for refugees [Economics and Finance]

Trade deals [Economics and Finance]

September 2016 

Interest rate caps [Leader]

Nash equilibrium [Economist explains blog]

Migration into the gulf [Middle East and Africa]

Labour laws in the gulf [Middle East and Africa]

Statisticians under fire [Economics and Finance]

August 2016 

Economics of Harry Potter tickets [Britain]

Nash equilibrium [Economics Brief]

Improve your life with a coin toss [Free Exchange blog]

July 2016 

Lebanese job creation [Middle East and Africa]

Jordan-Syria border [Middle East and Africa]

Turkey’s economy [Economics and Finance]

Teasing terrorists [Prospero blog]

June 2016

Measuring the value of data [Economics and Finance]

Universal Basic Income [Briefing, with Ryan Avent]

Job-Stealing robots [Economics and Finance]

May 2016

Compulsory voting [Free Exchange column]

Quinoa [Explainer]

Quinoa [Economics and Finance]

Second homes [Leader]

VAT reform in the EU [Economics and Finance]

April 2016 

Corbyn: The Musical [Prospero blog]

Mario Draghi [Economics and Finance online]

Review of Boom Bust Boom [Prospero blog]

Tax transparency [Britain]

Wages in the UAE [Economics and Finance]

Measures of corruption [Economics and Finance online]

March 2016 

Economics of crime [Free Exchange blog]

Brexit panel at the Royal Economic Society conference [Vox EU]  

Tampon tax [Free Exchange blog]

Sugar tax in Britain [Britain]

Lloyd Shapley obituary [Free Exchange blog]

Free Exchange: Feminist economics [Economics and Finance]

High denomination bank notes [Economist explains]

High denomination bank notes [Economics and Finance]

Asset sales: The Great British Sell-off [Britain]

Emotional hedging: why Trump-haters should vote for him to win [Free Exchange blog]

February 2016 

Disney and “surge pricing” [Free Exchange blog]

The Swiss government rejects the nationalisation of moneymaking [Economics and Finance]

How many people has Syria’s civil war killed? [Middle East and Africa]

The lesbian wage premium [Economics and Finance]

Why lesbians tend to earn more than heterosexual women [Economist explains]

Would a dating app just for economists work? [Free Exchange blog]

January 2016

Chickens and the Trans-Pacific Partnership [Economics and finance]

The economic impact of refugees [Economics and Finance]

Fudging hell: publication bias in economics [Free Exchange blog]

Powerball: Lotteries pull in punters by making it harder to win [Economics and Finance]

Banking: there is less competition among banks than first meets the eye [Economics and Finance]

Big Mac index: Big currency devaluations are not boosting exports as much as they used to [Economics and Finance]

December 2015

Austerity in Europe: Government cuts have tended to land on the young [Free Exchange blog]

Facebook and Philanthropy: I’ll give it my way [Economics and Finance]

Gulf currencies: keeping it riyal [Economics and Finance]

November 2015

Taxing sugary drinks: stopping slurping [Economics and Finance] Taxing fizzy drinks seems to work as intended

Economics can be fun: a graph a minute [Economics & Finance] Supply and demand walk into a bar.

The world economy: pulled back in [Briefing with economics editor John O’Sullivan]

Property in Sweden: home is where the heartache is [Economics & Finance with Sacha Nauta]

Unseen killer: white America’s mid-life crisis [United States, charticle]

October 2015

Welfare: credit crunch [Britain] A plan to cut tax credits is defeated, for now. Coming up with a face-saving alternative will be hard.

The Economist explains: the thinking behind feminist economics

Free exchange: reality cheque [Economics & Finance] Angus Deaton wins the Nobel prize.

Fixed exchange rates: pegs under pressure [Economics & Finance]

September 2015

Free exchange: prudence and profligacy [Economics & Finance] How much austerity have countries actually done?

Consumer lending: all credit to them [Economics & Finance]

Migrants and labour markets: more vacancies than visitors [Europe]

Cash for residency: indecorous leave to remain [Economics & Finance]

August 2015 

Public services: pay-as-you-go government [Britain] From divorces to corpses, cash-strapped governments are finding unusual new sources of revenue.

Free exchange: Off the block [Economics & Finance] Economists may idolise auctions, but most people do not.

American jobs: disappointing figures probably won’t put off the Fed’s rate rise

Cutting unemployment: how governments should help those on the dole

Distracted teens: the dreamboat next door [Economics & Finance]

Old people’s homes: frailer [Britain]

July 2015 

Free exchange: destination unknown [Economics & Finance] Minimum wages

Wage inequality: are Americans passing up a chance at the best jobs?

The Economist explains: why Britain’s government wants to relax Sunday-trading laws

Pensions: A raid on the future [Britain]

The budget: five key questions

The Economist explains: what happens at the British budget

Britain’s inheritance-tax cut: throwing more money at homeowners

Free exchange: credit where taxes are due [Economics & Finance] Tax credits and a high minimum wage are complements, not substitutes.

America’s labour market: is it working yet?

June 2015 

Fiscal rules: playing by the book [Britain]

Helping teens think: take a chill pill

The civil service: squeezing the mandarins [Britain, charticle]

Mutual funds and airline competition: who really owns the skies?

Hot streaks in basketball: in the zone

Public debt: how much is too much?